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Nearly 20,000 families trust A Family of Faith

A Family of Faith Online is a unique, structured program that helps you instill in your children a broad understanding of the Catholic Church’s teachings while connecting you to an online community with personalized support.

How the program works

Each year, A Family of Faith Online covers one pillar of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Beginning in September 2020, we will explore what the Church teaches about prayer and how to begin or deepen your conversations with God.


Each month, attend a live parent retreat

Each month, beginning in September and ending in May, parents will join us for a live, interactive 45-minute retreat that covers the topic for the month and walks them through the suggested activities.

Use the books to teach your children

Throughout the month, you engage your children with 3 or 4 multi-age activities that take 5-15 minutes each by using step-by-step guidance we provide in the Parent’s Guide. Your children will complete the activities for their age range in the accompanying Children’s Activity Book. Click here to view the books.

Complete your Catechism pillar

In May 2021, you will have completed the full year and developed a broad understanding of one pillar of the Catechism. Click here to see what content is covered in the program.

A Family of Faith is inspiring yet practical. This series has the potential to strengthen and renew the Catholic family as well as every parish that uses it.”

–Scott Hahn, father, Catholic author and speaker

What content is covered in
A Family of Faith Online?

A Family of Faith Online follows a four-year cycle covering one pillar of the Catechism (The Creed, The Sacraments, Life in Christ, and Prayer) per year. After four years, families will have been guided through the entirety of the Catechism and will have developed a broad understanding of the Church's teachings. Families then cycle through the program again in order to deepen their knowledge and develop the habits needed for life-long spiritual growth.

2020-21 Program

Volume IV: Christian Prayer

  • September 15: The Role of Parents in Education, Mr. Mark Gillis
  • October 14: What is Prayer and Prayer in Salvation History, Dr. Michel Therrien
  • November 10: Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray: The Summary of the Whole Gospel, Dr. Amy Fahey
  • December 9: Our Father: The First Three Petitions, Mrs. Ruth Thompson
  • January 12: Our Father: The Last Four Petitions, Mrs. Ruth Thompson
  • February 10: Praying to the Virgin Mary and Expressions of Prayer, Dr. Scott Sollom
  • March 10: Praying with Scripture and Forms of Prayer, Dr. Stephen Fahrig
  • April 13: The Battle of Prayer and the Communion of the Saints, Mr. Mark Gillis
  • May 11: Growing in Holiness, Mrs. Courtney Eschbach-Wells

Content in Future Program Years


Volume I: The Creed

  • September: The Role of Parents in Education
  • October: What is Faith, Who is God
  • November: Created in God’s Image
  • December: Annunciation, Immaculate Conception
  • January: Who is Jesus
  • February: Paschal Mystery
  • March: The Holy Spirit
  • April: Marks of the Church, Communion of Saints
  • May: The Way of the Creed

Volume II: The Sacraments

  • September: The Role of Parents in Education
  • October: What Is a Sacrament?
  • November: Sacraments of Initiation
  • December: Confirmation
  • January: The Eucharist, The Mass
  • February: Sacraments of Healing
  • March: Anointing of the Sick
  • April: Holy Orders & Holy Matrimony
  • May: Sacraments Jeopardy

Volume III: Life in Christ

  • September: The Role of Parents in Education
  • October: Heaven: Our Final Destination
  • November: Conscience: God’s Law in our Hearts
  • December: Cardinal and Theological Virtues
  • January: The First Great Commandment and the First Four Commandments
  • February: The 5th-10th Commandments
  • March: The New Commandment and the Works of Mercy
  • April: The Beatitudes
  • May: Journey to Heaven

A Family of Faith provides parents with the knowledge, tools, and advice they need to catechize their children — even if they weren’t catechized well themselves.”

–Tim Staples, father and Catholic apologist at Catholic Answers

Explore the A Family of Faith Books


The Parent's Guide

The Parent’s Guide provides you with background readings as well as step-by-step guidance for each activity, tips for talking about tough subjects, prayers for special occasions, and ways to implement an authentic and vibrant Catholic family life in your home. One book covers activities with children of all ages, with activities clearly marked to indicate which ages are appropriate for that activity.

The Children's Activity Book

The Children’s Activity Book (for ages 5–12) includes readings, saints biographies, games, coloring pages, and more. Each age-appropriate activity in the book is tied to a step-by-step lesson from the Parent's Guide.

A Family of Faith Online Pricing

Program Membership

$10/month for nine months (September 2020–May 2021)

Parent Guide Book

You'll need at least one parent book at $19.99/ea.

Children's Books

You'll need one activity book per child at $19.99/ea.

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